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What is a Real Estate Tax Appeal?

If you own real property in Essex County, then you are familiar with the quarterly bills you get for property taxes.  You property tax bill is a function of two items:  (1) the assessment of the value of the property, and (2) the tax rate per thousand dollars of value.  Generally, a real estate tax appeal challenges the assessment of value placed on your home, business or other real estate owned by you.  If you wish to challenge your real estate taxes, you need to pursue the tax appeal process described below.

Tax Appeal Overview

New Jersey’s residential real estate taxes are
the highest in the nation
, and Essex County’s taxes are among the highest in New Jersey.  With New Jersey property taxes rising 70% since 1999, it has become essential for residents to challenge unfair assessments of their property.

Every year, the State of New Jersey compares the assessed value of the properties in each municipality with the fair market value of the properties, determined by qualified real estate sales over the prior year.  This process does not involve a separate appraisal of each piece of real estate; rather, it compares generally the assessed values and current fair market values in the town.  While the assessed value of your property is presumptively correct, an experienced tax appeal attorney can tell you if you have a reasonable chance of successfully challenging your assessment.  The procedure is not simple to understand or to apply to each case.  For this reason, you need a qualified and experienced Tax Appeals Attorney to guide you through the process.  Importantly, if you are successful in your tax appeal, you will reap multiple years of benefits, until there is another assessment.

What Deadlines Exist for the Filing of a Tax Appeal?

As a general rule, the deadline for filing a real estate tax appeal is April 1, although there are situations where the filing deadline is altered.  Those situations include when there is an untimely bulk mailing of the assessment notices, and when there has been a municipal-wide revaluation or reassessment.

What Happens Next?

After the filing of a tax appeal, a hearing is scheduled before the County Tax Board, and you will need an expert (a qualified appraiser) to prepare a report and to testify on your behalf.  If you are dissatisfied with the result, you may appeal to the New Jersey Tax Court.  But note that if you fail to pursue your case in a timely manner before the County Tax Board, either by failing to file a timely appeal or by failing to pursue the case once it is filed, you will ordinarily lose your right to an appeal.

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John Ryder has been handling real estate tax appeals for decades, and his qualifications include serving as Nutley Township Attorney and as Acting Counsel for the Zoning Board of Adjustment.  He has the experience and qualifications you want in your tax appeal attorney.  Mr. Ryder will provide you with a strategy for filing your tax appeal, and he will guide you through the hearing process and, if necessary, an appeal. Don’t allow New Jersey’s runaway real estate taxes to unnecessarily burden you and your family.  Contact a qualified Real Estate
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